Thanks to Kerry at Green Route and her Facebook ‘memory’. A glorious reminder of a memorable moment five years ago today. To mark the forthcoming Comic Relief efforts, happy to share this wonderful memory again with a wider crowd.

Five years ago, I hosted a spectacular trade fam with British Airways and Green Route Africa to Cape Town & Victoria Falls, Zambia. Thanks to a good friend and old client, who headed the UK chapter of the Tutu Foundation, I teased her about the possibility of ‘Tea with Tutu’ as a little surprise in this amazing trip. The sun was shining on us … as a tentative diary date was made with an icon. And confirmation came on the eve of the trip!

As part of the programme, we were to visit some African CSR possibilities, plus we happened to be landing in Africa on the day of Comic Relief in the UK. So I managed to purchase a consignment of red noses before flying off from London. Could I really ask a legend to join us in red nose photo op?!

A fantastic group from CWT, PowWow, Imagination, BCD, BI Worldwide, Banks Sadler and C&IT Magazine, were whisked to hotel upon arrival and then straight off to the suburbs of Cape Town where we waited anxiously to meet Archbishop Tutu. The minute we met, we were relaxed. The Archbishop was a terrific host …. relaxed, engaging, fun and inspiring. We listened and were enthralled by some personal stories as well as some insights to his Foundation and the great work locally.

He was very aware of Comic Relief and was very obliging as you can see from the photo!

A great moment treasured by everyone in the group. Certainly, we all recognised we were very lucky with a once in lifetime experience. Although, I hear someone in the group bumped into him at an airport check-in a year or two later!

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