Thank You Kenya!

These are the most beautiful photos from one of our events … I have to share them! Huge thanks to our event photographer Adam Bannister.

Kenya is a magical incentive travel destination and having just returned, it remains one of the all-time greats in my opinion. The Maasai Mara is a captivating experience, with all the essential incentive ingredients. However, despite the most breathtakingly beautiful scenery, the most spectacular safari experiences, the most stunning accommodation …. it’s the ‘people’ which captivated the group. From arrival to our departure last night, we experienced the exceptional warmth and hospitality throughout …. executed with effortless precision and the biggest smiles.

So, a small ‘open letter/post’ to thank my team in Africa …. for exceeding client expectations and delivering one of finest incentive travel experiences and a “best one yet” declaration from a client.

To Angama Mara, a spectacular safari lodge ‘suspended in mid-air’ over the Mara – thank you! The epic tents and lodge are eclipsed by the most amazing staff. Too many names to mention as all were brilliant – but will have to mention Azei, Lynne, Ibrahim, Josephat, Joseph, Sadera and guides John, Daniel, Ken, ‘Walking’ John, Fred and Lemahloo.

To my DMC partner, Green Route Africa for bringing me to this spot almost three years ago and re-igniting my love for Kenya, leading to an Angama travel blog which inspired this client event. Thank you to Kitty, Bonny & Thomas for the best collaboration in delivering dreamlike event perfection at our Angama Mara experience. Always a joy to work with Green Route.

Kenya, like many other exciting destinations, is not without issues, concerns and perception challenges. I am thankful for a resilient client and some amazing supplier collaborations to still achieve one of the finest travel experiences in the minds of the qualifiers. The superlatives being received as I land back are a testament to the event partners and destination.

I hope you love the photos … and my last post on Angama Mara. Until I return!

All images © eveology Limited.


  • Thomas makathi
    July 11, 2019, 1:07 pm  Reply

    I really like this – excellent update for Kenya/ Angama

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